Friday, January 22, 2010

Rex Ryan Resembles a Walrus.

"Hey pal, how about some lunch?...I don't do seafood, maybe Mexican?"

As is customary with any extended playoff or postseason run, the puff pieces -not pastry, settle down, Rex!- call to attention biographical accounts of key players and coaches or peculiar habits and anecdotes. It certainly is worth learning about the experiences that helped mold Rex's coaching style and demeanor, as well as the amount and types of food he will consume staying up all week to design a game plan that knocks the football maestro, Peyton Manning, off his rhythm.

That may be an order too tall even for Rex, but if he can keep mixing up his looks on blitzes, he might confuse Peyton's blockers like the Ravens did. Thanks to Darrelle Revis and some wily veteran guile from Lito Sheppard blanketing receivers, Rex doesn't hesitate lining up safeties and unleashing them, as opposed to a conventional rush of linebackers -good run-blockers, but no fearsome edge guys on this team yet. There's no doubt Ryan can call a good game on defense: it's his involvement in the development of Mark Sanchez and the offense with Brian Schottenheimer -as opposed to Mangini's micromanagement- that will determine just how relevant this team will be in the future. That and the state of his arteries.

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